All the games we develope are free to use and self funded, we will be making more games, if you would like to help us make the current game better and make more great games then please support us with a small gift.  Thank you.

As children are growing and we are entering towards retirement it is good to  work on your cognitive skills.  Keeping your brain active can lead to a more healthier lifestyle and our first game is a great way to help with hand/eye coordination. At Retro Games we will be bringing you a host of games to help with this.  Our first game is the Fish Game.  This will be fun for people of all ages to enjoy, and best of all it is total free to play and advert free as well. Getting older should be fun and at retro games that is our goal.   Go on, have some fun.

Dish of food

About Us


Having children, grandchildren and working in the care industry and we realised that keeping your mind active is one part to keeping you happy as you grow and get older.  At retro games we will be launching lots of games to keep your mind active while having fun.

Wheat Spices Bread

How To Use

1, just open the app

2, click on the game

3, start playing

You are having fun